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EdWonder is an athleisure and cycling apparel brand for outdoor-lovers who explore their passions with daring and wonder. Based in New York and founded in 2016 by Lan Peng and Adrian Aghbal, EdWonder often searches for collaboration of individuals and brands to formulate concepts, develop new products, execute interesting ideas. Just as exploring the outdoors alone can be an extraordinary experience, sharing roads and trails with trusted friends and partners can bring exciting new perspectives and insights.

EdWonder is about being Wonderfool. To us, being Wonderfool is staying faithful to fabulous ideas and concepts that might seem foolish or crazy to others. Like cycling a hundred miles in one day. Or hiking a steep elevation over rough terrain. We aim for our collections to empower people to get out and dare to achieve their goals with a sense of wonder and just a hint of foolishness.

E. Explore your passions. Life is too short not to follow your heart.
D. Dare to pursue your path. A bit of crazy may be what it takes.
W. Wonder at life’s journey. Even as you push through all its ups and downs.



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